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Deux poèmes, Op 32

'Scriabin: Complete Poèmes' (CDA67988)
Scriabin: Complete Poèmes
CDA67988  2 February 2015 Release  
'Konstantin Igumnov – Schumann & Tchaikovsky' (APR5662)
Konstantin Igumnov – Schumann & Tchaikovsky
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'Smörgasbord' (CDA67184)
No 1 in F sharp major: Andante cantabile
No 2 in D major: Allegro, con eleganza, con fiducia
Track 2 on CDA67988 [1'40] 2 February 2015 Release

Deux poèmes, Op 32
The Deux poèmes of Op 32 (1903) are counterparts, the first introverted and dreamily passionate, the second outgoing and challenging, reflecting Scriabin’s increasing concern with the concept of self-assertion—the archaic, solemn expression Ya yesm’ (‘I am’) occurs early in a notebook of 1904–5 and is symbolized in the beginning of Le divin poème. In these pieces, as is often the case, the markings are highly individual. The middle section of No 1 is marked with a coined word, inaferando, which Valentina Rubtsova suggests the composer derived from inafferrabile, meaning ‘lightly touching’ or ‘imperceptible’; Scriabin was famous for the delicacy and tonal subtlety of his piano playing. No 2 is headed Allegro, con eleganza, con fiducia, the final part meaning ‘with faith’—that is, faith in oneself.

from notes by Simon Nicholls © 2015

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