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Angeli, archangeli
2007; commissioned by St Catharine's College Cambridge to mark St Catharine's Day 2007 and first performed by the college chapel choir under Edward Wickham on 25 November 2007
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Antiphon at First Verspers on the Feast of All Saints
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commissioned specially for Jackson's Angeli, archangeli

'Jackson: A ship with unfurled sails & other choral works' (CDA67976)
Jackson: A ship with unfurled sails & other choral works
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Angeli, archangeli
Angeli, archangeli holds the tonal flavour of fifteenth-century English discant in its introductory triadic writing for divided choral sopranos and altos. The motet, written in 2007 for the Feast of St Catharine, binds together a kaleidoscopic array of contrapuntal and monophonic elements within the span of a single coherent structure. Its text combines the Latin antiphon at First Vespers for the Feast of All Saints with Colin Tan’s ‘They have turned the world inside out’, commissioned for the work by St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, to honour the institution’s patroness. Tan’s verse reflects on the martyrdom of early fourth-century St Catharine (or Catherine) of Alexandria, a pagan princess and Christian convert, tortured on the so-called breaking wheel before being beheaded. ‘I find the text interesting in its “reversal”’, comments Jackson, ‘the idea that, for the martyr, the desire for death is so great that for him or her—in this case St Catharine—living is in reality a death.’

from notes by Andrew Stewart 2013

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