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1999; solo cello; from the series Signs, Games and Messages

'Lieux retrouvés – Music for cello & piano' (CDA67948)
Lieux retrouvés – Music for cello & piano
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Track 12 on CDA67948 [0'59]

The last two pieces in this group stray into the region of the barely audible; both call for the heaviest possible mute, softening the sound of the cello to an ethereal smoulder. They are formed from the simplest of musical materials, mostly descending scales—music reduced to its bare essentials.

In Schatten (Shadows) dark forms scurry away, almost indistinguishable from the stillness surrounding them; it is as if other shadows are crouching in the night, taking cover in the silence. The atmosphere evokes the ghost in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: ‘’Tis here!—’Tis here!—’Tis gone!’

from notes by Steven Isserlis © 2012

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