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Ihr Auge, S310 Second version
First line:
Nimm einen Strahl der Sonne
1843/9; LW N20
author of text
under the pseudonym Karl Herlossohn; widely misattributed to Ludwig Rellstab (1799-1860)

'Liszt: The Complete Songs, Vol. 2 – Angelika Kirchschlager' (CDA67934)
Liszt: The Complete Songs, Vol. 2 – Angelika Kirchschlager
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Ihr Auge, S310 Second version
Ihr Auge (‘Nimm einen Strahl der Sonne’) is a brief, passionate outcry of a song. The combined illumination of Nature’s brightest lights—the sun, the evening star, the glowing lava from Mount Etna—cannot equal the light of the beloved’s eyes, which can warm and illuminate but also destroy the lover’s soul. The gasping urgency in the piano figuration at the beginning, the brief enharmonic shift to distinguish ‘inner life’ from external Nature, and an ‘ending’ that sounds remarkably un-final: these are recurring Lisztian hallmarks. This much passion, Liszt tells us, has an afterlife beyond the final bar.

from notes by Susan Youens 2012

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