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The Choice of Hercules, HWV69

'Handel: The Choice of Hercules' (CDA67298)
Handel: The Choice of Hercules
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'Arias for Guadagni' (CDA67924)
Arias for Guadagni
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'Handel: Essential Handel' (KING6)
Handel: Essential Handel
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'Handel: English Arias' (CDH55419)
Handel: English Arias
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'The James Bowman Collection' (KING3)
The James Bowman Collection
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No 01: Sinfonia
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Track 1 on CDA67298 [1'18] Last few CD copies remaining
No 02. Accompagnato: See Hercules! how smiles yon myrtle plain (Pleasure)
No 03. Air: Come, blooming boy (Pleasure)
No 04. Air: There the brisk sparkling nectar drain (Pleasure)
No 05. Solo and Chorus: While for thy arms that beauty glows (Pleasure)
No 06. Recitative: Away, mistaken wretch, away! (Virtue)
No 07. Air: This manly youth's exalted mind (Virtue)
No 08. Recitative: Rise, youth! exalt thyself and me! (Virtue)
No 09. Air: Go, assert thy heav'nly race (Virtue)
No 10. Recitative: In peace, in war (Virtue)
No 11. Solo and Chorus: So shalt thou gain immortal praise (Virtue)
No 12. Recitative: Hearst thou, what dangers then thou must engage? (Pleasure)
No 13. Solo and Chorus: Turn thee, youth, to joy and love (Pleasure)
No 14. Recitative: Short is my way, fair, easy, smooth and plain (Pleasure/Hercules)
No 15. Air: Yet, can I hear that dulcet lay (Hercules)
No 16. Air: Enjoy the sweet Elysian grove (Attendant on Pleasure)
No 17. Recitative: Oh! whither, reason, dost thou fly? (Hercules)
No 18. Trio: Where shall I go? (Hercules/Pleasure/Virtue)
No 19. Recitative: Mount, mount the steep ascent (Virtue)
No 20. Air: Mount, mount the steep ascent (Virtue)
No 21. Chorus: Arise! mount the steep ascent
No 22. Recitative: The sounds breathe fire celestial (Hercules)
No 23. Air: Lead, goddess, lead the way! (Hercules)
No 24. Chorus: Virtue will place thee in that blest abode

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Details for HYP201206 track 5
No 15, Air: Yet, can I hear that dulcet lay (Hercules)
Recording date
12 August 2011
Recording venue
St Silas the Martyr, Kentish Town, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Adrian Peacock
Recording engineer
David Hinitt
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