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Romanzen for cello and piano, Op 94
December 1849; originally for oboe and piano; alternative versions for violin or clarinet also published

'Schumann: Music for cello & piano' (CDA67661)
Schumann: Music for cello & piano
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No 1: Nicht schnell
No 2: Einfach, innig – Etwas lebhafter
No 3: Nicht schnell

Romanzen for cello and piano, Op 94
The Romances for oboe, written at the end of that eventful year of 1849, would seem to have been inspired by Schumann’s increasing interest in old legends, which would culminate in his Choral Ballades (including Des Sängers Fluch—‘The singer’s curse’), written in the 1850s. There is something distinctly archaic about the narrator’s voice in this first Romance, while the innocent melody that opens the second suggests the song of an unsullied maiden of yore; as for the third—could that be an ancient nightwatchman whom we hear, calling the town’s soldiers to action, while in the middle section an abandoned sweetheart grieves? Fanciful, perhaps—but then Schumann is occasionally just a touch fanciful …

from notes by Steven Isserlis © 2009

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