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Endless border
2007; for chorus SSAATTBB & vocal ensemble SAATBB unaccompanied; composed for Singer Pur to perform at the Europa Cantat Singing Week in Ljubljana, Slovenia
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'Hansson: Endless border & other choral works' (CDA67881)
Hansson: Endless border & other choral works

Endless border
Endless border was written in 2007 for the Europa Cantat Singing Week in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the German vocal ensemble Singer Pur. For this piece Hansson uses a more expansive vocal canvas to create a large aural spectacle. A semi-chorus of six soloists is surrounded by a rich ten-part chorus and every opportunity is taken to exploit this spread of voices. As in other works, the text reveals itself slowly. Varied vocal techniques are also employed, such as splitting syllables across different voices and spoken vocalizations. The text is a poem written in English by Swedish writer Sun Axelsson, who died in 2011. Hansson was inspired to set this poem for its explorations of temporal boundaries.

from notes by Rupert Gough © 2011

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