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Piano Trio No 1, Op 35
1926; dedicated to L'Infante Doña Isabel de Borbón; first performed in London on 5 July 1927

'Turina: Chamber Music' (CDA67889)
Turina: Chamber Music
Movement 1: Lento – Fugue (à l'inverse) – Allegro moderato
Movement 2: Thème et Variations 1-5
Movement 3: Sonate: Allegro

Piano Trio No 1, Op 35
The Piano Trio No 1, Op 35, is an imaginative mixture of the learned style Turina acquired in Paris and folkloric inspiration provided by his homeland. The first movement is a prelude and fugue, blending the techniques of the contemporaneous French School with those of German masters such as Bach. The second movement is a theme and variations, a form which has a long tradition in Spanish music. In this case each of the variations evokes a dance from a different region of Spain: the muñeira, a miller’s dance from Galicia; the schotis, a dance of northern European origins but popular in Spain; the zortziko of the Basque region; the jota of Aragon; and the soleares of Turina’s native Andalucia. The third movement, in sonata form, reintroduces thematic materials from the first movement to give the entire opus a unifying ternary quality. The Piano Trio was dedicated to L’Infante Doña Isabel de Borbón and premiered in London on 5 July 1927.

from notes by William C Krause © 2012

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