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The Lamb has come for us from the House of David
1979; SATB + organ; first performed by the Schola Sancti Alberti of Edinburgh University in 1979; written for the ordination of Allan White OP
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'MacMillan: Choral Music' (CDA67867)
MacMillan: Choral Music
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The Lamb has come for us from the House of David
Of The Lamb has come for us from the House of David MacMillan writes that it was ‘written for an ordination of a young Dominican who went on to be the Head of an order in England, Allan White OP. My schola of student choristers (Schola Sancti Alberti) at Edinburgh University’s Catholic Chaplaincy sang it first in 1979.’ The twenty-year-old composer knew then how to write practically for the forces at his disposal and he makes the most of a supportive organ part. The voices begin in unison and move to four-part harmony. A method he came to use often in future compositions—the strong organ interlude antiphonally juxtaposed with unaccompanied voices—is found here at the climax, and is followed by a treble solo and a return to the unison voice of the opening.

from notes by Paul Spicer © 2011

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Recording date
24 June 2010
Recording venue
Wells Cathedral, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Mark Brown
Recording engineer
Julian Millard
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