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Tom der Reimer, Op 135a
First line:
Der Reimer Thomas lag am Bach
circa 1860
author of text
18th-century Scottish ballad
translator of text

'Loewe: Songs & Ballads' (CDA67866)
Loewe: Songs & Ballads
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Tom der Reimer, Op 135a
Translated from the Scottish original by Theodor Fontane, Tom der Reimer is a lighthearted take on the archetypal tale of the beautiful temptress ensnaring her prey. Tom, happy to exchange seven years of enslavement for a kiss, is the most insouciant of Loewe’s vivid gallery of characters. The composer evokes the elegantly tripping steed and the tinkling silver bell with his trademark economy and charm, and marks the moment of revelation (‘Ich bin die Elfenkönigin’) by a shift to a strange, remote key. The pair then canter off through the greenwood in the most innocuous music imaginable, with the silver bells tinkling ironically to the end. Dating from around 1860, this is one of Loewe’s last ballads—though as contemporaries often remarked, his style and method had hardly changed in the four decades since Edward and Erlkönig.

from notes by Richard Wigmore © 2011

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