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Fourteen Pieces for flute and piano, Op 157b

'Koechlin: Music for flute' (CDA66414)
Koechlin: Music for flute
No 01: Vieille chanson: Andante con moto
No 02: Gai, assez animé
No 03: Andante espressivo
No 04: Moderato con moto
No 05: Allegro moderato
No 06: Andante quasi adagio
No 07: Beau soir: Largo
No 08: Andantino
No 09: Allegretto con moto
No 10: Allegretto quasi andantino
No 11: Allegretto
No 12: Danse printanière: Allegretto
No 13: Marche funèbre: Andante
No 14: Allegro moderato

Fourteen Pieces for flute and piano, Op 157b
The French flutist Jan Merry, in a letter to Charles Koechlin’s widow shortly after the composer’s death in 1950, eloquently described the appeal of his writing for the flute: ‘This restrained emotion, always dignified, very French; without exaggeration, without affectation—how directly it goes to the heart and to the hearts of those who listen!’ Perhaps the Fourteen Pieces, Op 157b, best exemplify these qualities. They testify also to Koechlin’s skill as a miniaturist: each of these brief pieces establishes its particular character and mood with great economy of means. They were composed originally for unaccompanied flute as Op 157; Koechlin added a piano part later. A partial first performance was given in 1941 by Jan Merry and the composer. Op 157b is dedicated to the flutist Paul Dommel and his wife, Amy Dommel-Diéry, a pianist. They were, like Jan Merry, devoted friends of Koechlin and his music.

from notes by Fenwick Smith © 1990

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Vieille chanson: Andante con moto
Recording date
12 June 1989
Recording venue
Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Recording producer
James Donohue
Recording engineer
Joel Gordon
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