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Concerto No 3 in G major, HWV314
Concerti Grossi, Op 3

'Handel: Six Concerti Grossi Op 3' (CDH55075)
Handel: Six Concerti Grossi Op 3
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Movement 1: Largo e staccato
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Movement 2: Allegro
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Movement 3: Adagio
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Movement 4: Allegro
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Concerto No 3 in G major, HWV314
There is little doubt that this concerto was compiled by Walsh himself—the Largo, Allegro and Adagio are derived from the opening movements of an anthem and a Te Deum which Handel composed for the Duke of Chandos, and the final Allegro from a harpsichord Fugue in G (HWV252, 281 and 606 respectively). These were composed in 1717–18 at a time when Handel had very small instrumental forces at his disposal. There are several clear errors in the transcription and engraving of this concerto which we have corrected where appropriate. Some of the poor part-writing in the final Allegro has been improved (including the missing bar 81!) but we decided that a completely new transcription was undesirable. Walsh labelled the solo part for ‘Flauto traversa or Hautboy’ and we have opted for the more appropriate flute version accompanied by a solo string quintet and continuo. This is the first recording in this scoring and the result is one of both lightness and clarity.

from notes by Roy Goodman © 1992

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