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Schwebe, schwebe, blaues Auge, S305 Second version
Franz von Dingelstedt was known primarily for his political poetry, but Liszt in 1845 chose a more conventional love poem, Schwebe, schwebe, blaues Auge, in which the sweetheart’s blue eyes make springtime blossom and warble in the persona’s heart. The song was later revised, and this is the second version (?1848). When Dingelstedt was fired as intendant of the Munich court theatre on trumped-up charges in 1856, the generous Liszt helped him to obtain a similar post in Weimar, but two years later, Dingelstedt would be the prime mover and shaker in Liszt’s forced resignation as Kapellmeister in Weimar. When Liszt visited Weimar briefly in 1864, Dingelstedt behaved well, however, even reconvening the Neu-Weimar-Verein for the occasion. The sweetness regnant through much of this song is broken every few phrases or so by brief outbursts of ecstasy; in Liszt’s unique structure, tenderness alternates with exultation and excitement, quite like the actual experience of love in its early stages.

from notes by Susan Youens © 2010

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