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Hommage à Chopin, Op 111 No 1
1867; subtitled Pièce caractéristique

'Hommage à Chopin' (CDA67803)
Hommage à Chopin
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Hommage à Chopin, Op 111 No 1
Franz Bendel celebrates the long, singing lines of a Chopin nocturne in his Hommage à Chopin (1867), subtitled ‘pièce caractéristique’, the first of three disparate pieces published as Op 111. Without being forewarned, one might just be convinced that it is by Chopin himself. Bohemian-born Bendel (1833–1874) was a Liszt pupil in Weimar, composed symphonies, a piano concerto and much salon music. If he is remembered at all now it is for his once-popular Mozart pastiche Pastorale variée and the saccharine Julia’s Arbor at Clarens.

from notes by Jeremy Nicholas © 2010

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