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Nimm von uns, Herr, du treuer Gott, BuxWV207
The Chorale Variations on ‘Nimm von uns, Herr, du treuer Gott’, BuxWV207, comprise four ‘verses’ based on a melody familiar from its association with ‘Vater unser im Himmelreich’. The first verse, for manuals alone, has the chorale melody at the top of a three-voice texture. The second is a bicinium, the melody given again to the top voice but now accompanied by a single line of notes. The pedals are added for the third verse, in which the melody is treated in the manner of ‘Komm, heiliger Geist, Herre Gott’, the right hand having an embellished version of it, the left hand and pedals a simple accompaniment. A two-voice texture is reverted to for the fourth and final verse, which is another bicinium.

from notes by Relf Clark © 2010

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