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Duo Seraphim
Duo Seraphim was composed in 2005 also in response to an Irish commission. Once again it is alto voices that take the dominant role, echoing each other in the call of the two Seraphim at the beginning. The other voices enter and envelop this mantra in a wash of sound until the general cry of ‘Sanctus’. Under a cloud of high voices chanting ‘Gloria’ the lower voices enter with ‘Plena est omnis terra gloria eius’ (‘The whole earth is full of his glory’). This upwards-inflected chant in tenths is a recurring musical figure in Dubra’s work. The final Doxology is a dance of praise which again gives way to another, extended refrain of ‘Sanctus’ although the piece concludes with a final, more reverential ‘Sanctus’.

from notes by Rupert Gough © 2009

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