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Húsz könnyü kis darab 'Twenty easy little pieces'
subtitled Hungarian Nursery Rhymes and Folk Dances; arranged and re-ordered from Weiner's Op 27 of the same title

'Weiner: Violin Sonatas' (CDA67735)
Weiner: Violin Sonatas
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No 01: Allegro non troppo
No 02: Allegro
No 03: Allegretto
No 04: Allegro
No 05: Allegro vivo
No 06: Tempo giusto
No 07: Tempo giusto
No 08: Moderato
No 09: Allegro non troppo
No 10: Tempo di Csárdás
No 11: Allegretto
No 12: Allegro non troppo
No 13: Allegretto
No 14: Sostenuto
No 15: Allegro non troppo
No 16: Tempo giusto
No 17: Allegro non troppo
No 18: Andante
No 19: Andante sostenuto
No 20: Allegro ben moderato

Húsz könnyü kis darab 'Twenty easy little pieces'
Weiner took the task of providing educational music for young players very seriously, and the Húsz könnyü kis darab (‘Twenty easy little pieces’, subtitled ‘Hungarian nursery rhymes and folk songs’) is heard here in a transcription for violin and piano by Tibor Fülep (who re-ordered Weiner’s original Op 27 publication and dropped the composer’s descriptive titles for each miniature). As a cycle it ranks with Bartók’s Hungarian folksongs and For children. In these tiny pieces—some of them only a few seconds long—Weiner precisely and often wittily fixes the character of the various songs with a minimum of fuss and not a single wasted note. Nevertheless, he is able—as in the very slightly longer Andante, No 18—to give them full expressive weight.

from notes by Calum MacDonald © 2009

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