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Room-Music Tit-Bits
No 2 originally entitled Clog Dance

'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 13' (CDA67734)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 13
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No 2: Handel in the Strand

Room-Music Tit-Bits
A composer, folk-song collector and virtuoso pianist, Percy Aldridge Grainger (1882–1961) was born in Australia and studied in Frankfurt. In his Delius film, Ken Russell depicted Grainger as boyish and high-spirited, and the fact that much of his best-known music is jovial and immediately attractive has indeed caused him to seem something of a lightweight; but Grainger was a serious artist and brought to musical composition one of the most original minds of his day. Handel in the Strand, which he sub-titled Clog Dance, is the second of his Room-Music Tit-Bits, and its title and brisk harmonic pulse reflect Grainger’s admiration for Baroque music (which manifested itself most notoriously in his astonishing transcriptions of Bach). Themes emerge against a background of rapid, staccato chords: heard here in the arrangement by Wolfgang Stockmeier, the work proceeds good-naturedly to a boisterous conclusion.

from notes by Relf Clark © 2009

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Details for CDA67734 track 19
No 2: Handel in the Strand
Recording date
2 June 2008
Recording venue
Västerås Cathedral, Sweden
Recording producer
Paul Spicer
Recording engineer
Simon Eadon
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  1. Organ Fireworks, Vol. 13 (CDA67734)
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    Release date: May 2009
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