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The Merry Wooing of Robin and Joan 'Sellengers Round'
before 1656; published in Wit Restored, 1656, Wit and Drollery, 1682; final verse from The Roxburghe broadsheet version
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The English Stage Jig
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The Merry Wooing of Robin and Joan 'Sellengers Round'
Dialogue ballads in which a Country Clown boasts of his ‘rustic wealth’ go back to the Middle Ages. Robin and Joan was published in Wit Restored (1656) and Wit and Drollery (1682), and on broadsheets with the tune direction ‘The Beginning of the World, Or, Sellengers Round, Or, Great Boobe’. For ‘Chi/Che’, ‘Cham’, ‘Chav’ etc., read ‘I’, ‘I am’, ‘I have’ etc.

Joan Gromball

Robin and his mother discuss his plan to dress smartly and brush up his manners in order to woo Joan Gromball once again. At first Joan mocks him for his lack of finesse and for being so insistent (‘‘You must’ (Sir Clown) is for the king’) but she is finally won over.

from notes by Lucie Skeaping 2009

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