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Burial Service
attributed, in the Chirk Castle Part-Books, to Alcock; more probably by Parsons
author of text
Book of Common Prayer, 1552

'Music from the Chirk Castle Part-Books' (CDA67695)
Music from the Chirk Castle Part-Books

Burial Service

The Chirk scribe ensured that suitable services and anthems were provided for all aspects of worship at the chapel. The attribution of the Burial Service to Alcock (fl c1570) is doubtful for it is ascribed in several Restoration copies, no doubt erroneously, to John Parsons (d1623). Its unattributed survival in one of the Ludlow manuscripts in an early form of Anglican notation however suggests that composer may well be none other than Robert Parsons, best known for his exquisite motet Ave Maria. If so, this is possibly the earliest extant setting of the Burial Sentences and the dignified measured tread of the music is well suited for singing in procession.

from notes by David Evans © 2009

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