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Im Sonnenschein, Op 87 No 4
Im Sonnenschein is a plea to remain at least a little longer in the sunshine before life is extinguished. This third Rückert setting of Op 87 was composed in 1935. Here again the title provides a recurring refrain, but this time one is swept along on a great tide of enthusiasm, the characteristic 3/4 marked not only ‘very fast’ but also ‘whole bars’—i.e. to be played ‘one in a bar’. The masterstroke in this song is the final peroration, where the pace changes to four slow beats at the same speed as the previous single bar beats, thus magically reflecting the sentiment of the final couplet while maintaining the overall momentum of the song. It is the kind of structural device that Strauss had mastered in his operatic writing, and with it he set his own signature to Rückert’s final words.

from notes by Roger Vignoles ę 2009

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