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Magnanime gentis
3vv; to mark the peace treaty between Louis of Savoy and his brother Philippe, May 1438
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'Dufay: The Court of Savoy' (CDA67715)
Dufay: The Court of Savoy
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Magnanime gentis
The three-voice Magnanime gentis is a ceremonial and political piece, with a clear public rhetoric in Dufay’s characteristically brilliant musical style for such works, here written in a taut and focused rather than a rich and expansive idiom. Its effect is astonishingly immediate for so intellectual and recondite a piece of musical thought. The freely composed duos, for triplum and motetus, show an extraordinary melodic and contrapuntal inventiveness; and the isorhythmic tenor, presented according to a progressively diminishing metrical scheme (initially in very long rhythmic values), uses the chant fragment ‘Haec est vera fraternitas’ to project the idea of brotherly reconciliation.

from notes by Philip Weller © 2009

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