Pyramus and Thisbe

1745; A Mock Opera, edited and completed by Peter Holman
author of text
via Richard Leveridge's 1716 Comick Masque of Pyramus and Thisbe; further abridged, possibly by Lampe



Lampe: Pyramus and Thisbe
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No 01: Prologue (Master/Prompter/Mr Semibrief/1st Gentleman/2nd Gentleman/Prologue)  Are the properties and everything ready for the performance?
No 02a. Overture: Allegretto Adagio e piano
No 02b. Overture: Allegro
No 02c. Overture Recitative: Poco presto Affettuoso Poco presto Introduction (1st Gentleman/Mr Semibrief/Wall)  Who comes here?
No 03. Air Recitative: The wretched sighs and groans (Wall/2nd Gentleman/1st Gentleman/Mr Semibrief/Pyramus)
No 04. Air: And thou, O wall (Pyramus)
No 05. Air Recitative: O wicked wall, through whom no bliss I see (Pyramus/1st Gentleman/Mr Semibrief/Thisbe)
No 06. Air Recitative: Fly swift, good Time, with triple speed (Thisbe/Pyramus)
No 07. The Whispering Duetto Recitative: Not Shafalus to Procrus was so true (Thisbe/Pyramus)
No 08. Duetto Recitative: I come/go without delay (Pyramus/Thisbe/Wall/1st Gentleman/2nd Gentleman/Mr Semibrief/Lion)
No 09. Air Recitative: Ladies, don't fright you (Lion/1st Gentleman/2nd Gentleman/Mr Semibrief/Moon)
No 10. Air Recitative: The man in the moon am I, sir (Moon/1st Gentleman/2nd Gentleman/Thisbe)
No 11. Air: Where is my love, my Pyre dear? (Thisbe/Lion/1st Gentleman/2nd Gentleman)
No 12. Arioso Recitative: Sweet moon, I thank thee for thy sunny beams (Pyramus)
No 13. Air Recitative Arioso: Approach, ye furies fell (Pyramus/1st Gentleman/2nd Gentleman/Mr Semibrief)
No 14. Air Recitative: Now I am dead (Pyramus/1st Gentleman/2nd Gentleman/Mr Semibrief/Thisbe)
No 15. Air: These lily lips (Thisbe/1st Gentleman/2nd Gentleman/Mr Semibrief)
No 16. Dance Epilogue: Gentlemen and Ladies, we've a boon to ask (Pyramus/Thisbe)
No 17. Duetto: Thus folding (Pyramus/Thisbe)
No 18. Chorus: Now, e'er you remove

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No 7, The Whispering Duetto Recitative: Not Shafalus to Procrus was so true (Thisbe/Pyramus)
Recording date
7 July 1994
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St Paul's Church, New Southgate, London, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Martin Compton
Recording engineer
Antony Howell
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