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Fantasy on Polish Airs, Op 13

'Chopin: The Complete Works' (CDS44351/66)
Chopin: The Complete Works
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Fantasy on Polish Airs, Op 13
Chopin referred to the Fantasy on Polish Airs in A major Op 13 as ‘the Potpourri on Polish Themes’. He was clearly fond of the work and kept it in his repertoire for many years despite the incidental contribution of the orchestra and the somewhat clumsy welding together of the different sections. All eyes are on the soloist. A slow introduction gives way to a plaintive Andantino (a folk song titled ‘Juz miesiac zaszedl’—‘Already the moon has set’) and two brilliant variations, followed by a theme from an opera by Karol Kurpinski, leading to a rousing conclusion with a kujawiak (a popular dance similar to the mazurka).

from notes by Jeremy Nicholas © 2008

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