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A solis ortus cardine / Beatus auctor saeculi
1607; re-published in the 1622 Cantiones Sacre; SSATTB; alternatim
author of text
Hymn at Lauds on the Nativity of Our Lord

'Praetorius: Magnificats & motets' (CDA67669)
Praetorius: Magnificats & motets
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A solis ortus cardine / Beatus auctor saeculi
A solis ortus cardine / Beatus auctor saeculi alternates plainchant with polyphony, although in this case the polyphonic verses are based much more closely on the notes of the plainchant hymn than are the polyphonic verses of the Magnificats. The technique of using a plainchant melody stretched out in long notes in one of the lowest voice parts was part of a compositional tradition stretching back for hundreds of years. Praetorius uses the technique (albeit not entirely strictly) to lend an antique feel to this motet’s varied textures.

from notes by Jeremy Summerly © 2008

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Details for CDA67669 track 3
Recording date
20 February 2008
Recording venue
Fitzalan Chapel, Arundel Castle, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Jonathan Freeman-Attwood
Recording engineer
Martin Haskell & Iestyn Rees
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  1. Praetorius: Magnificats & motets (CDA67669)
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