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Hec dies quam fecit Dominus
as it might have been at The Mass of Easter Day in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, circa 1130
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Psalm 118: 24, 29; Gradual for Easter Day

'Jerusalem, Vision of Peace' (CDA67039)
Jerusalem, Vision of Peace
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Hec dies quam fecit Dominus
The supposed sites of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection were both contained under the roof of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and therefore the Easter Day liturgy must have possessed an extraordinary power for the Franks, both clergy and congregation alike, when they experienced it within those walls (see notes on the Gospel). The leaves of the Sacramentary from the workshop of the Holy Sepulchre, now in Cambridge, employ delicate northern French neumes on staves ruled in red (Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, MS McClean 49). The leaves have been dated to 1128-30 by Jaroslav Folda (The Art of the Crusaders in the Holy Land, 1098-1187 (Cambridge, 1995), pp.100-105, with illustrations).

from notes by Christopher Page © 1998

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