English Lyrics XI

published in 1920 under the guidance of Emily Daymond, Harry Plunket Greene and Charles Wood
author of text
text of No 2 probably by Parry



Parry: Songs


No 2: What part of dread eternity
Track 27 on CDA67044 [3'53]
No 3: The Spirit of the Spring  As I went down to Taunton Town
Track 26 on CDA67044 [1'52]
No 4: The Blackbird  As I went up a woodland walk
Track 28 on CDA67044 [1'07]
No 5: The Faithful Lover  She hath grown cold, whose kindness won me to her
Track 30 on CDA67044 [3'39]
No 8: She is my love beyond all thought
Track 29 on CDA67044 [1'56]

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