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Romantic Residues
2003; commissioned by Bury St Edmunds Festival for James Gilchrist and Alison Nicholls and first performed by them at the Bury Athenaeum on 20 May 2003
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from All You Who Sleep Tonight, first published in 1990

'Romantic Residues' (CDA67725)
Romantic Residues
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No 1: Round and Round  After a long and wretched flight
No 2: Protocols  What can I say to you? How can I now retract
No 3: A Style of Loving  Light now restricts itself
No 4: Across  Across the miles I wish you well
No 5: Mistaken  I smiled at you because I thought that you
No 6: Equals  It's evening. I lack courage
No 7: Sit  Sit, drink your coffee here; your work can wait awhile
No 8: The Room and the Street  After a few short bars
No 9: Walk  I walked last night with my old friend

Romantic Residues
What do we remember of our past romantic encounters? This is the theme of Alec Roth’s Romantic Residues, the opening section of Vikram Seth’s collection of verse All You Who Sleep Tonight, first published in 1990. There are nine poems in all, varying widely in content and mood—from the light and whimsical to the melancholy and dark. The songs were commissioned by the Bury St Edmunds Festival and composed for James Gilchrist and Alison Nicholls, who gave the first performance at the Athenaeum, Bury St Edmunds, on 20 May 2003.

from notes by Alison Nicholls 2008

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Round and Round
Recording date
22 November 2007
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St Martin's Church, East Woodhay, Berkshire, United Kingdom
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Philip Hobbs
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Philip Hobbs
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