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Piano Sonata in C sharp minor 'Moonlight', Op 27 No 2
No 14

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Beethoven: Piano Sonatas
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'Bowen: The complete works for viola & piano' (CDA67651/2)
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Movement 1: Adagio sostenuto
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viola obbligato; 57 bars survive; remaining 20-odd completed and edited by Lawrence Power

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Movement 2: Allegretto
Movement 3: Presto agitato

Piano Sonata in C sharp minor 'Moonlight', Op 27 No 2
It was a characteristic of Frederick Corder to encourage his pupils to write their own parts to duet with established classics. Thus Corder brought out a set of piano pieces that, on two pianos, could be accompanied by Czerny’s School of Velocity. York Bowen wrote a second piano part to accompany Beethoven’s 32 Variations in C minor. In similar vein he produced this viola obbligato for the first movement of Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight’ Sonata, though it is not possible to determine its date. It seems likely it was a student or pre-First World War piece. Only 57 bars of Bowen’s manuscript survive, and the last twenty-odd have been completed by Lawrence Power, following the example set by Bowen in the earlier part of the movement.

from notes by Lewis Foreman © 2008

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