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Quartetto in G major 'Sinfonia'
published as 'Quartetto 7' by Venier in Paris in 1768 as part of a collection of 'Sinfonias'; Butler Collection, New York

'Lidarti: Violin Concertos' (CDA67685)
Lidarti: Violin Concertos
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Movement 1: Larghetto
Movement 2: Allegro
Movement 3: Tempo di menué

Quartetto in G major 'Sinfonia'

As an example of Lidarti’s chamber music, there is the Quartetto in G major, which belongs to a collection of quartets found in the Butler Library, New York. These same quartets were published in Paris (by Venier in 1768) as ‘Sinfonias’, in line with the late-baroque practice of instrumental music existing in two versions, chamber and orchestral. On the title page, in order to secure its place in the collection, the piece is called ‘Quartetto 7’. It is in three movements: Larghetto (2/4, G major), 80 bars with a repeat placed exactly half way through, with a cantabile theme and a series of arpeggios; Allegro (2/4, G major), 107 bars also divided into two halves with a repeat after the first 41 bars; Tempo di menué (3/4, G major), 70 bars with a repeat in the middle. The Quartet is characterized by its antiquated style, with the two violins in constant dialogue while the viola and cello play an accompanimental role, filling out the counterpoint. Great attention is given to detailed phrasing, and to indications of tempo and expression: the result is a work of enormous sensibility and pleasure.

from notes by Dinko Fabris © 2008

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