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La regata veneziana 'Tre canzonette'
probably composed in 1858; Péchés de vieillesse Vol i (Album italiano) Nos 8-10
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'Rossini: Soirées musicales' (CDA67647)
Rossini: Soirées musicales
No 1: Anzoleta avanti la regata  Là su la machina xe la bandiera
No 2: Anzoleta co passa la regata  I xe qua, i xe qua, vardeli, vardeli
No 3: Anzoleta dopo la regata  Ciapa un baso, un altro ancora

La regata veneziana 'Tre canzonette'
Volume 1 of Péchés de vieillesse, ‘Album italiano’, contains three canzonettas grouped together as La regata veneziana which were first performed at one of Rossini’s celebrated soirées. Written in Venetian dialect for mezzo-soprano, each song has a different mood, and describes through the eyes of a young woman the regatta which Momolo, her lover, eventually wins. After his triumph he presents her with the red flag of victory, and she returns the gift with a kiss. The songs were probably written in 1858.

from notes by Richard Stokes © 2008

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