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Neli eesti hällilaulu 'Four Estonian lullabies'
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traditional Estonian

'Tormis: Choral Music' (CDA67601)
Tormis: Choral Music
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'Dreamland' (HYP41)
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No 1: Laulan lapsele 'I sing for my child'  Tuu, tuu, eiä, eiä! 'Hushaby, lullaby!'
No 2: Marjal aega magada 'It’s time for the little berry to sleep'  Maka, maka, marjaken 'Sleep, sleep, little berry'
No 3: Lase kiik käia! 'Let the cradle swing!'  Eiä, tuia, lase kiike käia! 'Hushaby, lullaby, let the cradle swing!'
No 4: Äiutus 'Lulling'  Äiu-äiu, äiu-äiu 'Lullaby, lullaby'
Track 25 on CDA67601 [2'12]
Track 6 on HYP41 [2'12] Super-budget price sampler

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