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The Quaker Girl
first performed on 5 November 1910 at the Adelphi Theatre

'Monckton: Songs from the shows' (CDA67654)
Monckton: Songs from the shows
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No 06: A bad boy and a good girl  When a bad, bad boy like me
No 22: Tony, from America  All along the garden where the moonbeams glance
No 27: The little grey bonnet  Life is a milliner's show

The Quaker Girl
For The Quaker Girl (Adelphi, 5 November 1910) Monckton composed the entire score as a vehicle for his wife Gertie Millar. She played an innocent Quaker girl, Prudence Pym, who is expelled from the brotherhood for sipping champagne. In A bad boy and a good girl in Act 1 she and American admirer Tony Chute (played by Joseph Coyne, London’s first Danilo in The Merry Widow) reflect on their contrasted backgrounds. In Act 2 she finds herself in Paris, where in The little grey bonnet she describes the Parisian excitement at her dress. Then, in Tony, from America, she acknowledges her commitment to her American suitor. The appeal of the Quaker dress in Paris was real, and the show achieved production and publication there as La petite quaker in 1912, as well as Spanish production as Los quakeros in 1913.

from notes by Andrew Lamb 2008

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