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The Circus Girl
First line:
I was a baby not so very long ago
first performed on 5 December 1896 at the Gaiety Theatre
author of text
author of text

'Monckton: Songs from the shows' (CDA67654)
Monckton: Songs from the shows
No 18: A simple little string  I was a baby not so very long ago

The Circus Girl
For The Circus Girl (Gaiety, 5 December 1896) a major attraction was the set, featuring a Parisian circus ring viewed from behind. The plot, such as it was, involved confusion between the circus people and a bunch of English folk let loose in Gay Paree. Leading lady Ellaline Terriss’s big hit was Monckton’s lilting A simple little string, whose currency extended to the ballroom, where it provided music for the ‘barn dance’.

from notes by Andrew Lamb 2008

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