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The Orchid
First line:
There's a Yorkshire town, very bleak and brown
first performed on 28 October 1903 at the Gaiety Theatre
author of text
under the pseudonym Leslie Mayne

'Monckton: Songs from the shows' (CDA67654)
Monckton: Songs from the shows
No 16: Liza Ann  There's a Yorkshire town, very bleak and brown

The Orchid
The Orchid (Gaiety, 28 October 1903) was the show that opened the new Gaiety Theatre in the Aldwych. It concerned the quest to preserve a rare orchid, with Gertie Millar playing Lady Violet Anstruther, principal pupil at a horticultural college. The setting for Act 2 is Nice, where Gertie Millar somehow contrived to appear in clogs and shawl to sing with Fred Wright junior (as Zaccary, a professional orchid hunter) the duet Liza Ann, designed to show off her northern roots.

from notes by Andrew Lamb 2008

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