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A Runaway Girl
first performed on 21 May 1898 at the Gaiety Theatre
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No 2, with Harry Greenbank
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No 2, with Aubrey Hopwood
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No 18

'Monckton: Songs from the shows' (CDA67654)
Monckton: Songs from the shows
No 02: The sly cigarette  If girls and boys were asked what joys
No 18: The boy guessed right  There once was a little boy who went to school

A Runaway Girl
A Runaway Girl (Gaiety, 21 May 1898) starred Ellaline Terriss as orphan Winifred Grey, who runs away from her Corsican convent to escape a promised marriage. She falls in with a group of bandits-cum-wandering minstrels and falls in love with another of its temporary members, who needless to say turns out to be the promised husband-to-be. The show opens in a wood outside Winifred’s convent, where she confesses to an addiction to tobacco in the charming The sly cigarette. Then, in Venice in Act 2, she offers the incidental The boy guessed right. Like other Gaiety shows, this too played in Austria, Hungary and Germany, as well as around the English-speaking world.

from notes by Andrew Lamb 2008

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