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Sonata in D major
British Library Add.MS 49599

'Sound the Trumpet' (CDH55258)
Sound the Trumpet
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Movement 1: [Allegro]
Movement 2: [Adagio]
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Movement 3: [Allegro]

Sonata in D major
The British Library manuscript is the source for the trumpet sonatas by James Paisible and John Barrett. Paisible’s sonata is one of the most modern in the collection, being in three clearly defined movements and having a concerto-like alternation of passages for the trumpets and the strings. These would have been thought of at the time as Italianate features, though Paisible was of French extraction; he arrived in England in the early 1670s, where he was one of the first exponents of the new Baroque oboe and recorder, though he mainly played the bass violin at court.

from notes by Peter Holman © 1995

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