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Quintet for flute and strings in D major 'Las Parejas', G430
Op 19 No 6

'Boccherini: Flute Quintets Op 19' (CDA67646)
Boccherini: Flute Quintets Op 19
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Movement 1: Entrada – Marcia
Movement 2: Galope
Movement 3: Entrada – Marcia

Quintet for flute and strings in D major 'Las Parejas', G430

The sixth piece of Op 19 deserves particular attention. The autograph score bears the title Las Parejas (‘The couples’), and each movement has a subtitle: a six-bar Entrada is immediately followed by a Marcia and a Galope; then, after a double re-exposition of the Entrada, there is a restatement of the Marcia, without repeats. The title refers to a typical Spanish horse race, in which two horsemen run hand in hand. This is the sort of ‘descriptive’ music where Boccherini was such a master (think also of his celebrated Musica notturna di Madrid). Such descriptions are among the most challenging features of Boccherini’s music. The edition of this quintet by La Chevardière lacks the general title while retaining the subtitles of each movement; perhaps Boccherini considered the explicit reference of title, intended for the Spaniards, as something unsuited to the French public.

from notes by Marco Mangani © 2008

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Entrada – Marcia
Recording date
1 April 2007
Recording venue
Oratorio di S Domenico, Pisa, Italy
Recording producer
Sigrid Lee
Recording engineer
Roberto Meo
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