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Élégie sur la mort d'un objet chéri, Op 10
Chant pour violon; published in Vienna in 1840, probably written a few years earlier

'Ernst: Violin Music' (CDA67619)
Ernst: Violin Music
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Track 13 on CDA67619 [7'53]

Élégie sur la mort d'un objet chéri, Op 10
Despite his output of works of dazzling technical bravura Ernst was, in fact, most celebrated in his time for his slow and soulful pieces, of which the Elegy, Op 10, is a fine example. This haunting work was published in Vienna in 1840, having been written perhaps a few years earlier, with the title in full Élégie sur la mort d’un objet chéri. Described as Chant pour violon, it enjoyed great popularity in Ernst’s lifetime and was widely played. At least part of this success must have been due to the fact that, after the plangent, recitative-like introduction, in this piece Ernst makes few unreasonable demands on the player’s technique, aiming instead for unpretentious lyricism. Only in the final section does he call for double-stopping to intensify the emotion as the music builds to its climax, and the effect is entirely expressive.

from notes by Calum MacDonald © 2008

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Recording date
13 November 2006
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Crear Studio, Argyll, Scotland
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Andrew Keener
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Philip Hobbs
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