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The I AM Sayings of Jesus
author of text
verses from Exodus, John and Revelation

'Pitts: Alpha and Omega' (CDA67668)
Pitts: Alpha and Omega
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No 1: Before Abraham was, I AM  I AM that I AM
No 2: I AM the Bread of Life
No 3: I AM the Resurrection and the Life  Lazarus is dead
No 4: I AM the Light of the World
No 5: I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life  I and the Father are one
No 6: I AM the True Vine
No 7: I AM the Door I AM the Good Shepherd  Amen, amen, I say unto you
No 8: I AM Alpha and Omega

The I AM Sayings of Jesus  

The I AM Sayings of Jesus
The ‘I AM’ sayings of Jesus are pillars of the New Testament, and refer back provocatively to the sacred Name of God revealed to Moses at the burning bush of Exodus. Comforting and perplexing at the same time, they create metaphors which allow Pitts free rein in his word painting. While these eight interlinked movements possess an individuality and solidity of musical expression, there is nevertheless an undercurrent of turbulence and restlessness. The interpretation of these canonic sayings can never be straightforward, and their musical settings sound fragile and monumental at the same time: they are simultaneously simplistic and virtuosic, logical and serendipitous. For every moment where musical common sense prevails there is a passage where, Escher-like, the conventions of melody and harmony spiral into a continuum where perspective is distorted.

Each of the motets in the ‘I AM’ cycle is set for a different number of voices ranging from one to eight: ‘The Door’ is a single melodic line, ‘The Way’ is a duet, ‘Before Abraham’ a trio, ‘The Bread’ a quartet, ‘The Light’ a quintet, ‘The Vine’ for six voices, ‘The Resurrection’ for seven, and the final ‘Alpha and Omega’ for eight voices. While these dispositions clearly affect the sound of each piece, it is remarkable that all eight motets inhabit a world that is empirically choral; in short, there is nothing missing in the sparser movements and nothing overblown in the fuller ones.

from notes by Jeremy Summerly 2008

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Before Abraham was, I AM
Recording date
8 June 2007
Recording venue
Bromley Parish Church, United Kingdom
Recording producer
Stephen Rice
Recording engineer
Mike Skeet
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