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My Dove
First line:
I held him and would not let him go
17 November - 8 December 1997; for Steve & Kate - a little late
author of text
Song of Songs 3: 4; 6: 9

'Pitts: Alpha and Omega' (CDA67668)
Pitts: Alpha and Omega
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My Dove
My Dove is written in the style of an antique lullaby. Based on a softly dissonant ground bass, the harmony rocks back and forth as accompaniment to the lyrical cantilena melody which is shared between soprano and tenor. But for all the simplicity and fluidity of its construction, this is a song that requires considerable vocal virtuosity given its overall range of three and a half octaves—the tenor soloist climaxing on a top D, no less.

from notes by Jeremy Summerly 2008

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