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Two Psalms, H117
First line:
To my humble supplication

'Holst: The Evening Watch & other choral works' (CDH55170)
Holst: The Evening Watch & other choral works
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No 1: Psalm 86  To my humble supplication
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metrical version of Psalm 86
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Psalm 86: 1-6, 12 (Authorized Version)

Track 1 on CDH55170 [7'14] Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
No 2: Psalm 148  Lord, Who hast made us for Thine own
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paraphrase of Psalm 148

Track 2 on CDH55170 [4'40] Helios (Hyperion's budget label)

Two Psalms, H117
Holst’s Two Psalms, for chorus, string orchestra and organ, H117, were written in 1912 at a time when the composer’s compositional style was undergoing a process of textural and structural refinement. He had recently completed the last of his Sanskrit works, The Cloud Messenger, which had been a complete failure, although his next major composition was to prove extremely successful—the symphonic picture ‘Mars’ for The Planets. Holst composed very little religious music as such, probably as a result of his somewhat ambivalent attitude towards the Church. He found the spiritual aspect enormously appealing, but felt stifled by regimented orthodoxy. Of the current two Psalm settings, that of Psalm 86 is the more striking with its greater textural variety and emotional range, though the beautiful setting of Psalm 148 has a compensating warmth of expression that is rarely found in Holst’s music.

from notes by Julian Haylock 1989

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