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The plainchant-based sequence motet Inviolata is a much more expansive work. Over twenty composers set this text during the sixteenth century, referring often to the famous setting by Josquin Desprez. (One of these, by Nicolas Gombert, is recorded—together with a reconstruction of the chant—by The Brabant Ensemble on Hyperion CDA67614.) Regnart’s motet is not so closely modelled on Josquin’s as others: it appears to have been based on a slightly different version of the plainchant melody, and more importantly contains no canonic writing. It does share much of the atmosphere of this family of works, however, due largely to the placid nature of the chant on which is it based, which moves almost exclusively by step, and in modern terms mostly outlines an F major tonality.

from notes by Stephen Rice © 2007

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