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Bez solntsa 'Sunless'
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'Musorgsky: Song Cycles' (CDA66775)
Musorgsky: Song Cycles
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No 1: V chet´ryokh stenakh 'Within four walls'  Komnatka tesnaya, tichayam ilaya 'I lie here in my room, silently, sleeplessly'
No 2: Menya t´ v tolpe ne uznala 'You did not know me in the crowd'
No 3: Okonchen prazdn´y, shumn´y den' 'The idle, noisy day is over'
No 4: Skuchay 'Boredom'
No 5: Elegiya 'Elegy'  V tumane dremlyet noch 'Night dreams are lost in shade'
No 6: Nad rekoy 'On the river'  Myesyat zadumchivyy, zvyozdy dalokie 'Moonlight so tranquil and starlight so far away'

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